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Take The First Steps

To Provide The Best Healthcare for Your Patients.

A successful DPC Clinic is the solution to the madness of Traditional Healthcare.

The Evidence Is Clear...

The Direct Primary Care Model is by far the BEST system that benefits Physicians and their Patients.

Access Healthcare Direct has been educating licensed professionals towards the freedom of owning their  own clinic for the past 20 years. Your patients deserve better care and YOU deserve a supportive ecosystem that will help you get there. 

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Benefits of our DPC Training





Start a DPC today! Choose Access Healthcare Direct to start your Direct primary care practice today. Less stress, no medicl billing, work-life balance, unlimitted income potential, and happier/healthier ptents are just some of the perks of owning your own DPC. Spend more time with your patients for tat important bond that is yearned for. Dr. Brian Forrest created AHD. He will personally help, train and guide you towards success with DPC Bootcamp and DPC University. 1 on 1 training in his physical office or online training.

Presented by
Dr. Brian Forrest M.D.

Dr. Forrest is a pioneer in the Direct Primary Care Model, having originated the Micropractice DPC Model over 20 years ago. He has extensive experience in teaching, lecturing, and consulting about the model for individuals, medical schools, health systems, and practices.

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