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Be a part of a national team improving medical practice for providers and patients. 

Welcome to Access Healthcare Direct network that  has helped all specialties open in the Direct Primary Care or Direct Pay Subscription Model. We have helped 100's of providers bring better care to their patients. The Access Healthcare Direct Network grew as a grassroots movement due to a need for independent health care providers transitioning to and operating in the Direct Primary Care Model to have shared resources, mentorship,  and collaboration.

  • Consulting on Direct Primary Care Model and Hybrid Fee For Service

  • Turn-Key Direct Care Practice Start - Up Program

  • Practice Transformation Service

  • Group Purchasing Discounts on Supplies, Labs, and Services 

  • Implementation of Customized Membership Management Software

  • Marketing Service

  • Medical Mutual and Med Pro discount on standard Malpractice Premiums-saves thousands of dollars with the same coverage – Exclusive network benefit through Pro-Risk.  Program available for APPs like NPs and PAs as well

  • Direct Primary Care Provider Directory that is Easy to use in  locating  a DPC practice near YOU.

  • Mobile Applications to link with Direct Care

  • ACA compliant health plans customized for DPC that make DPC memberships essentially free for patients-available for employers that can cut their healthcare spend by 30-60% annually (depending on self-funded or level funded plans) that work seamlessly with network DPC providers who are chosen though the platform. We also have a plan available for staff working in DPC practices to lower your practice’s health care spend as well. Exclusive Products from Sedera/Shared Health

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AHDrx-search engine for patients to find the lowest prices on prescription drugs. This website/app geolocates searches and ranks local pharmacies by price for any given medication. Logged - in users also get rewards points they can use for things like gift cards for any prescriptions they buy. "It is sort of like Gas Buddy for prescription medications- says one user."


"The session with Dr.Brian Forrest was invaluable. Really helped answer a lot of questions that I had."

Physician from Ct. Dr.Vietorisz

"Both Dr Bachenberg and myself were pleased with the training. It was alot of good information in a short period of time. There was no time to get bored. Active and engaging conversation pertaining to our goals for our DPC model. Thank you!"

"Great Class" 

New out of Residency Physician 

"Awesome experience, worth every dollar and minute! Thank you and we are lookin forward our future with the DPC network!"

Provider from Chicago

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